Thursday, January 9, 2014

Northwest Arkansas - I have needs

The things I miss most lately about Michigan are as follows:

  1. Salad bars in grocery stores
  2. Running trails/parks
  3. Quick and Cheap Oil Changes

So I need your help because I don't have time to research. I need to study.

Here are my questions.

  • Salad bars in Grocery Stores - it's super convenient and HEALTHY to have a place I can run to for a salad during the day. What are you recommendations? (Subway is NOT an option!) 
  • Running trails/Parks - Where are your favorite parks? They are EVERYWHERE in Michigan. And right now I don't have time to research where they are here. So tell me. 
  • Quick and Cheap Oil Changes - I need one and I had a place that I trusted up in Ann Arbor. I know this sounds ridiculous, but my daddy has me trained to find a good place that I trust and to go there regularly. Give me your recommendations. (And don't say the dealerships!) 
Bless you kind kind people for helping a law student in her first world problem time of need. 

Happy Thursday! 

1 comment:

Pam said...

Salads- Fresh Market in Pinnacle Hills Mall, Zaxby's has a great Cobb salad, Schlotsky's has a apple pecan chicken salad.
Trails- Fayetteville and Rogers have a huge trail system. Bella Vista also has a popular trail. Crystal Bridges has several different trails.
Oil Change- I like the place on Walnut st in Rogers near 24th st across street from Dam Good Pies
Welcome to NWA

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